PB Gush: Boo-La-La Witch Spa

With Halloween just days away, I need to gush about Boo-La-La Witch Spa by Samantha Berger and illustrated by Isabel Roxas. This fab-boo picture book is a witch’s guide to wicked relaxation with fresh, fun language and witchy spa treatments. I love Halloween and the spa, so this PB caught my attention like a witch flying across a full moon. It’s wonderful from cover to cover, my pretties.

Quick synopsis: What’s a wornout witch to do after tiresome hauntings and long broomstick flights? Make a trip to the Fab-BOO Witch Spa, of course! Here, a witch in need of relaxation can trade in her hat and pointy shoes for a cushy robe and melt into luxurious pampering. From an all-you-can-eat candy bar to fresh-brewed bat-whisker tea to hag-stone massages, the Fab-BOO Witch Spa offers the best treatments to rejuvenate a witch and get her back on her broom.

The word choice in this PB is wickedly delicious. I love the spooky spa concoctions that Berger creates. She merges witch-related and spa-related words to craft a setting that is both familiar and new. I know I wouldn’t mind a “wumphy blue robe” or a “Pumpkin Gut Cold-Mask.” The pairings range from cute to creepy to laugh-out-loud worthy, like a “pool of snail drool.” It’s all great witchy fun!

As if these spooky spa pairings weren’t enough to make me love this PB, the rhythm and rhyme had me at first spread. The meter is music that flows nicely from one spa treatment to the next. And the rhyme is fresh. One of my favorite stanzas is “When a witch feels worn out and majorly blah, / she books herself into the fab-BOO Witch Spa!” It’s fun and highly relatable. Witch or not, who hasn’t felt majorly blah and in need of some R&R?

The illustrations are colorful, detailed, and capture the spa atmosphere perfectly. Each time I read this PB, I find something new in the illustrations. Roxas puts a ton of detail in the pictures, so much so that you can look at each spread for minutes. The colors are bright and plentiful, not to mention the healthy amounts of orange, red, and purple to capture the Halloween spirit.

There are lots of beautiful patterns throughout to book—on furniture, walls, and floors. It’s hard to pull your eyes away from each spread because the art is mesmerizing. The PB reads like a guide for witches, but the illustrations follow one witch, Leeza, and her cat on their spa vacay. I really enjoy the addition of Leeza’s cat on each spread, who equally indulges in relaxing treatments.

This is a PB that I’ll read every Halloween or whenever I feel majorly blah. It’s certainly a book that inspires me to make a spa reservation ASAP. For Halloween and spa lovers all, this PB will make you smile and cackle. Excuse me while I find the nearest fab-boo spa…


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