Scaredy House (My 2015 Halloweensie Contest Entry)

Thank you to kidlit author Susanna Hill for hosting and organizing the 5th Annual Halloweensie Contest! When I heard about it via the PB community, I felt full to the cauldron brim with ideas. Halloween is my favorite holiday and this contest is a wicked way to celebrate with fellow writers.

The rules: Write a 100-word Halloween story appropriate for children using the words costume, haunt, and dark. Here’s my teeny, tiny, spooktacular entry below!

House shivered in October. The other houses dressed so spookily.
Ghosts haunted their trees. BOO!
Spiderwebs clung to their windows. EEK!
Jack-o-lanterns scowled on their doorsteps. AAH!
Worst of all, House’s human dressed House spookily, too.
Ghosts haunted her trees. BOO!
Spiderwebs clung to her windows. EEK!
Jack-o-lanterns scowled on her doorstep. AAH!
Worst of all, monsters roamed the dark street.
Creeeep, creeeep. DING, DONG!
They’ll gobble me up! thought House.
“Spooky costumes, kids,” said House’s human.
They’re kids only pretending to be spooky, thought House. Like me!
House crrreeeeaked.
“AHHHH!” The monsters ran.


24 thoughts on “Scaredy House (My 2015 Halloweensie Contest Entry)

  1. Hi Shaelyn. It’s Heather Kinser…we’ve exchanged some manuscripts through 12×12. I saw your honorable mention on the Halloweensie contest and came over to check out your story. It’s clever, sweet, and super kid friendly. Congratulations on placing in the contest!

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  2. Yes, a manuscript swap would be great. I’d be happy to! Just drop me a line. I have one or two pieces that could use a read-through. Through a webinar I’m taking, I have a chance to get a manuscript review from an editor, and I’m wondering which piece to send her. Reader feedback might help me decide.


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