My Holiday Story Contest Entry

It’s contest time again and I’m feeling merry and bright! The wonderful Susanna Leonard Hill holds her 5th Annual Holiday Contest this week and I’ve prepared a bell-jinglin’, Christmas-tree-rockin’ story.

The rules: Write a children’s story starting with any version of “Rocking around the Christmas tree at the Christmas party hop.” The story can be poetry or prose, silly or sweet, etc., but cannot exceed 350 words. Judging criteria includes kid appeal, creativity, story quality, writing quality, and originality.

So here’s my entry! A hint for all you readers out there—this is best read to the tune of “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.” Drum roll please…



HO, HO, NO! (332 words)
Chomping beside a fireplace
With a plate of cookie dough.
Savoring every chocolate chip
Before o’er the roofs I go.

Nudge myself back up the chimney but OOF—
I can’t fit.
Rudolph’s yelling, “Make it snappy.
Gifts won’t give themselves, Saint Nick!”

Cramming and squeezing up the grate.
Golly, how much do I weigh?
Dasher and Prancer sound annoyed.
“Santa, get back to the sleigh!”

Losing my tight grip on the bricks.
Feel a pain stuck in my side.
Tumbling down through soot and ash.
Gosh, I really hate this ride.

Now I’m back down on the ground
With splinters in my rump.
Vixen calls down, “Papa Noel,
Go sideways instead of up!”

Tipping and toeing for the door.
Wow, it’s really, really dark.
Fumbling for the handle now.
Ha! I think I got it—“BARK!”

Dashing right for the toilet room.
Fido’s nipping at my boot.
Pushing the door behind me closed,
Followed by a nervous toot.

Move the shower curtain
To escape out the window.
But there’s only rubber duckies.
No way out, ho, ho, ho, no!

Crying inside the big bathtub.
Don’t know how I’ll do my job.
Wiping around my puffy eyes,
Trying to hold back a sob.

Listening to a small knock, knock.
There is someone at the door.
Wondering who is asking me,
“Kris, what are you crying for?”

“Santa, I know you are
Never supposed to be seen.
But your reindeer, they are tapping
Right outside my bedroom screen.”

Opening up the bathroom door.
See a small girl smiling bright.
Taking my hand, she says to me,
“You have work to do tonight.”

Gliding right up the long staircase
Like the happiest snowman.
Pushing away the window screen
To rejoin my reindeer clan.

“Santa, let’s go.”
All the reindeer paw at the fresh snow.
“Thanks for your help, little lady.
You saved Christmas ho ho ho!”

Flying around the Christmas sky,
Have a busy night ahead.
Waving behind to my new friend
As she tucks back into bed.


16 thoughts on “My Holiday Story Contest Entry

  1. Delightful, Shae! We tend not to think about the potential obstacles Santa might have to face… like dogs! 🙂 Thank goodness the little one was there to comfort him – and nice that it was that way ’round for a change! Happy Holidays and thanks so much for joining in the contest fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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