My 2016 Valentiny Contest Entry

I love a good contest, especially one that involves hearts and chocolate. This week marks Susanna Leonard Hill’s first ever Valentiny Writing Contest. And boy, I couldn’t be more excited than a kid after eating a box of Sweet Tarts.

The rules: Write a kid-appealing Valentine’s story with a grumpy character in no more than 214 words.


Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Here’s my Valentiny,
Without further adieu!


“Go RAWRway, Valentine’s Day!” Tony roared.

All the dinosaurs ripped open their valentines. But not Tony. He grumbled and mumbled alone. Valentine’s Day could fall into a rumbling volcano for all he cared.

“T. rex arms are the worst,” he said.

The pterodactyl delivered her letters in graceful loop-de-loops. Tony dropped his handmade letters from twenty feet up. He closed his eyes, crossed his toes, and hoped his letters reached each mailbox.

“Oops, sorry!”

The brachiosaurus stretched inside her box with her long neck. Tony accidentally smashed his mailbox with his nose.

“Ah, dung cakes.”

The triceratops opened his letters with his horns. Tony caught a valentine with his teeth. Just when he opened it, the wind stole it away.

“This is the worst holiday ever. RAWR!”

“Here, Tony! I’ll lend you a foot.” The pterodactyl delivered Tony’s valentines in squiggly corkscrew dives.

“Wow, there’s lots of letters in here.” The brachiosaurus’s voice echoed in Tony’s mailbox.

“I’ll help you open your letters, Tony.” The triceratops used his sharp horns to sheer off an envelope’s edge.

Tony opened his jaws, showed each of his teeth, and ROOOAARED!

“Thanks, guys! Valentine’s Day is better with friends like you. I RAWRve you!”


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