My 2018 Valentiny Entry

So Susanna Leonard Hill is a rockstar who puts on three fabulous, teeny, tiny contests each year. If you haven’t checked them out, I encourage you to challenge yourself with an entry. A great way to flex your writing muscle!

The requirements for the Valentiny Contest: write a 214-word-or-less, kid-friendly Valentine’s Day story about someone who is hopeful.

At 212 words, here goes!

Candy, scones, ribbon, bows
Signs that read, Be Mine.
But I say down with mushy gushy.
Down with valentines!

At school they all swap notes.
They laugh, hug, whisper.
Ugh. Last year the valentine I got was…
From my sister.

They pass each other cards.
One then two then three.
But I sit alone in the hallway.
None addressed to me.

Boo to valentines!

Cleo’s across the way.
She’s like a ray of light.
If I got a valentine from her,
That would be alright.

“Hey, Cleo.” My voice cracks.
“You look nice today.”
She looks at her friend Clara, giggles,
Then sprints fast away.

Which wise guy created
A love day like this?
I mean, who really wants chocolate hearts,
Sweet songs, or a kiss?

It’s not like I want one.
Chocolate hearts, I mean.
The easiest way to get candy?
Duh. Vending machine.

Go away, valentines.

Then Clara sneaks on by.
“Check out what she wrote.”
Attached to two giant candy bars
Is one purple note.

From Cleo, says the treat.
I unstick the glue.
Under “cute” in the dictionary
I hope I’d see you.

I guess it’s not so bad,
This whole holiday.
If Cleo wants to send me letters,
Hey, that’s A-OK!

Cleo, be mine.
Thumbs up for valentines!


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