Forever Tired, Forever Happy

Nothing makes a woman tired like motherhood. Motherhood is drinking coffee because you actually need the caffeine to jumpstart the morning (or afternoon). It’s forgetting what you just said to someone five minutes ago. It’s not eating dinner until nine o’clock, after baby is tucked in tight with a belly full of milk and a kiss lingering on his forehead. Motherhood is finally cozying down in your bed, melting into the mattress, just about to close your eyes when baby wakes up hysterical or wet or in need of a cuddle.

All of those things. Every day. Every. Day.

But what’s even more insane is how we mamas make it through every day. Fatigue doesn’t slow us down. We have our littles to thank for that. The morning smiles and babbles. The yummy sounds they make between bites of purée. The joy they find during bath time, splashing around and reaching for toys. How they instantly calm when we hug away their bad dreams in the late hours of the night. When we are their safe.

I may be one wiped out mama zombie who can’t remember the last time I woke up refreshed and filled with energy. But it’s a small sacrifice for the many gifts my son gives me. I’ll take the tired forever. Just keep on sunnying my world, my sweet baby boy.


One thought on “Forever Tired, Forever Happy

  1. How well I remember those days! And yet, no matter how little sleep I had, I was always glad to get up and give comfort in the night, and always couldn’t wait to see my sweet baby in the morning, feeling so lucky that I had such joy to fill my days. There must be something in motherhood hormones that helps us through those sleepless months! Glad you’re enjoying your little one. It goes by so fast and before you know it they’re all off at college!


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