Just Keep Critiquing

I’ve been a critiquing machine in the past few months. So much so that I’m ready to start querying. Huzzah! I’ll be glued to my laptop screen for the next few months hoping for responses from agents and editors.

While I wait, I’ll continue writing new stories and sending them out for critique. Peer feedback is a critical step in the writing process. No, it’s crucial. You HAVE TO let others read and critique your work. It helps you hone and polish your stories tenfold. When I swap my picture book manuscripts with other picture book writers, I feel like I’m receiving gold.

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Keep Shooting: Inspiration from Kwame Alexander

Last Thursday, I hesitated for a few seconds in front of the blue mailbox in my neighborhood. I held an enveloped copy of my latest picture book manuscript in my hand and wondered, is it good enough?

In October, SCBWI SoCal is hosting an Editor’s Day and I can’t wait to attend. I’ve been so energized and productive since SCBWI LA 2015 a few weeks ago and I know this upcoming event will keep my writing flame burning bright. I signed up for an individual manuscript critique with an editor at Editor’s Day. This takes my writing to a whole new level—someone outside of my immediate family and writer friends will read and critique my story. It’ll be read by an industry professional.

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