PB Gush: Best Frints in the Whole Universe

At the 2016 summer SCBWI conference I had the pleasure of attending a session led by editor Neil Porter. During that hour, he invited author/illustrator Antoinette Portis on stage to discuss and read from her picture book, Best Frints in the Whole Universe. I fell in love with this PB instantly. It has everything I love in a PB: quirk, humor, and a lot of heart. It’s one of my favorites and I’m excited to gush about it today.


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PB Gush: President Squid

I first heard part of this book read aloud at the SCBWI LA Conference in August. Editor Melissa Manlove read it with gusto during a panel and she had the audience of 1,000+ people cracking up. So when she abruptly closed the book halfway through, you bet your bottom I had to finish it. President Squid by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Sara Varon is a fun and LOL-worthy PB with one ridiculous protagonist. This (very current and relevant) political satire will get the whole room rolling.


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#pb10for10: Creatures/Objects Galore!

It’s August 10th, which means everyone’s sharing their favorite PBs with each other. Yay!


Educators Cathy Mere and Mandy Robeck run the #pb10for10 event every year. Those who participate choose ten picture books they cannot live without and share them on their blogs.

My theme for my 2016 picks: creatures and inanimate objects. Hope you enjoy!

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PB Gush: There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight

I’ve been waiting to get my paws on this picture book and, just as I suspected, it did not disappoint. There Was on Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight, written by Penny Parker Klostermann and illustrated by Ben Mantle, is officially one of my favorite PBs. The rhyme is fun, fast-paced, and flawless. And the illustrations pop with color and hilarity.


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PB Gush: Bone Dog

This PB is at the top of my favorites list! I’ve reread it a few times recently because one of my family dogs passed away two weeks ago. Harley was my 14-year-old beagle that battled health issues for years. He deteriorated on a Sunday and my parents decided it was best to end his suffering and let him cross the dog rainbow bridge. He was my first dog as a child and he gave me lots of happy memories. After he left us, I immediately cuddled up with my dog, Dixie, and reread Bone Dog by Eric Rohmann for some PB comfort.

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