When Life Disturbs the Writerly Groove

I’m a creature of habit, a lover of consistency, an admirer of all things routine. Which is why this past week has been difficult for me.

Dixie, my pit bull mix, had an unexpected yet inevitable and necessary knee surgery last Friday. She had the same painful procedure done three years ago on the left knee, and I was told she’d likely need the right knee done eventually. Though I knew we’d go through this again, it isn’t any less exhausting.

Aside from work, all my time has been devoted to caring for Dixie and stressing over the pain she’s experiencing. I haven’t been sleeping well and I feel the constant, nagging pain of a displaced vertebra from snoozing on the floor and couch to be near her.

So my writing routine—like my running, walking, and reading routine—has been interrupted. I’m not complaining; Dixie is one of the most important parts of my life. She’s family. She’s blood. I’d do anything for her.

But I’m dealing with a noticeable and frustrating change in my writing habits. I tried to draft a new story Monday night, but faced with using the dregs of my creative energy or watching Wicked Tuna (yes, I love that show), I chose to mindlessly binge watch.

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Doggone Inspiration

Disclaimer: This post is an obvious excuse for me to shamelessly show photos of my dog. Read and attempt to suppress smiles at your own risk.

10410543_10152472729528454_1161016920991249959_nYou can say I’m a bit obsessed with my dog. Three-quarters of my iPhone photos are of Dixie. I spend much of my free time with her, whether we’re walking, running errands, playing tug-o-war, licking cookie dough spatulas, chasing tennis balls, squeaking squeaker toys, or running amok in Justin’s backyard. Most days, I don’t write until Dixie’s good and tired, and I’d honestly rather cuddle up with her on a Friday night over hitting the town. I mean, how could anyone resist this at the end of an insane work week?

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