Celebrating My Word Count

It’s too easy to berate yourself for not meeting your goals, especially when you’re drafting a manuscript.

If you’re like me (and I assume this is something many writers do), you set lofty expectations for yourself without considering all the other responsibilities in your life. Like, “I will write 1000 words today and everyday until this draft is finished.” It sounds nice in your head, until you’re faced with doing your day job, cooking meals, taking care of the kid(s), taking care of yourself, maintaining relationships, tending to the dog, cleaning the dust bunnies, reading, etc.

It’s hard enough keeping all the other mandatory plates spinning. And while writing is a necessity, it can be SO HARD to keep to a schedule.

Tonight I wrote a couple hundred words (if that) before my brain said, “Time to turn it off, sister. Relax.” And even though I listened and even though I needed to let it go for the nights, I thought back to last week when I was slashing word counts multiple days in a row. It felt so good. And now, today, I could barely move the story forward.

But you know what? Even if it was by an inch, I did make progress. I did good work. It wasn’t a lot, but it was work nonetheless and I’m that much closer to finishing this first draft of my latest novel.

Writing is hard. Really hard. It’s also gratifying and a necessity for us as creatives, but dang, it’s a struggle sometimes. Don’t make it even more of a struggle by beating yourself up for not writing enough or not writing at all.

Celebrate every word you add to that blank page. Be your biggest cheerleader. You’ll get there eventually.


Ringing in My 2016 Writing Goals

Just like that it’s a new year. Every year I’m flabbergasted at how quickly 365 days fly by. The holidays are officially over and now I look forward to at least two months of writing 2015 instead of 2016, a pesky problem I’ve faced since grade school.

Now is the time to make and stick to New Year’s resolutions. In my eyes, New Year’s resolutions are highly similar to New Year’s Eve plans—overly hyped up with only meh results. I tend to commit to a resolution for a few weeks before it slowly fades from my mind.

That’s not to say I have commitment issues. I’m a very committed person. But usually my resolutions tend to be less meaningful because of their obligatory nature. So I’ve instead set myself some writing goals for the next 12 months.

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