Rejection: So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance

Last week I couldn’t bring myself to write. This week I’m making up for it with revisions galore. I knew I wouldn’t be out of the game long. But I’ve got an extra spring in my pen.

A couple days ago I got some serious feedback from an agent on a story. And by serious, I don’t mean an offer. I mean¬†constructive feedback. A lot of it. Some of it was hard to read, but I agreed with many of the¬†comments.

Solid critiques always knock me down a few steps. I love that.

As a writer, you work at a piece for a while. You have others critique it. You revise it. Critique, revise. Critique, revise. Then you’re happy enough with it. Heck, you may even think it’s good.


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